Friday, February 1, 2019
  • The Prosecutors General attending the Second EuroMed Forum agreed on the “General Rules for the Organisation of the Forum” setting up the principles of collaboration, communication and continuation of the Forum.
  • They remarked upon the value of cooperation between Prosecutors General from Europe and the Mediterranean countries on international judicial matters.
  • The Forum covers issues such as the fight against terrorism and organised crime, and personal data protection.

Prosecutors General from Europe and Mediterranean countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, and Tunisia) agreed on the "General Rules for the Organisation of the Forum", setting up the main objectives and principles of collaboration, communication and continuation of the Forum with the objective of improving international judicial cooperation. The agreement of the General Rules of cross-regional collaboration took place under the impetus of EuroMed Justice.

This second meeting, promoted by and held at Eurojust’s premises, was well received and welcomed by the Prosecutors General from the participating countries. The Forum allowed the Prosecutors General to share experience and best practice on issues related to cyberspace and judicial cooperation in criminal matters; personal data protection and cooperation with third countries; joint investigation teams; and countering terrorism and organised crime, particularly smuggling of migrants, trafficking in human beings, and drug trafficking in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The foundation for these important General Rules were laid down during the 1st meeting of the EuroMed Forum of Prosecutors General held in Madrid in January 2018 at the Spanish Prosecutor's Office. Throughout 2018, the CrimEx further discussed and coordinated the partners’ opinions regarding the modalities to establish an effective high-level platform of cooperation, thus paving the way for the 2nd meeting of the Forum.

The President of Eurojust, Mr Ladislav Hamran, said: ‘At Eurojust, we have long realised that judicial cooperation should not stop at the borders of Europe. Bringing together colleagues from different continents, networks and organisations is exactly what Eurojust stands for. We are all united in our ambition to ensure justice for our citizens. Eurojust strongly welcomes the initiative of this Forum of Prosecutors General.’

The Deputy Director General of DG NEAR, Mr Maciej Popowski, said: ‘We need to make this community of prosecutors. We need mutual trust and we need to remodel the way of cooperation.’

The Director of FIIAPP, Ms Anna Terrón, highlighted the commitment of FIIAPP in the promotion of international legal cooperation as a key to face the global challenges and problems with organised crime.

EuroMed Justice (2016-2018) is an EU-funded Project which aims to contribute to the development of a Euro-Mediterranean area of cooperation in the field of justice and to the development of effective, efficient and democratic justice systems which protect and promote human rights.

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