strengthening the capacities of the High Judicial CouncilS

A well-functioning, independent justice system, and respect for the judicial institutions are indispensable factors towards democracy and security in the South Partner Countries.

Previous EuroMed Justice phases have shown that in several partner countries one of the institutional aspects that is not clearly resolved is the distribution of judicial and executive powers between the various institutional players and authorities.

In order to enhance HJCs’ capacities and to ensure high standards of judicial independence, self-governance and accountability, the EuroMed Justice’s activities will address the specific roles, functions and models of interaction between High Judicial Councils, Ministries of Justice, Parliaments, Supreme Courts and Prosecution Offices regarding judicial independence.

Therefore, two seminars and study visits are envisaged having as objectives to strengthen the HJCs’ capacities and they will necessarily have an impact on improving further the rule of law, judiciary independence and integrity, the administration and the quality of justice.

The objectives of the activities are:

    • To broaden the overall judicial and legal understanding between Mediterranean HJCs and the European ones;
    • To improve the SPCs’ judges ’ knowledge of the level of independence and accountability of the European High Judicial Councils in order to increase the trust, to enhance the networking and further on to improve  mutual cooperation;
    • To disseminate among SPCs’ judges the fundamental and the European standards on the rule of law, independence and impartiality of justice, justice self-governance, good governance and good administration. On how an efficient, effective and good administrated justice can constitute the prerequisite for the rule of law, democracy and economic growth;
    • To present best practices on the specific training targeting high judicial performance, the quality and administration of justice;
    • To present the best practices, standards and recommendations regarding the role of High Judicial Councils in defending justice independence, impartiality and self-governance;
    • To offer a direct view and practical understanding on the functioning, proceedings, litigation, access to justice, standards of quality, efficiency and transparency at the level of the two European Courts: the ECtHR in Strasbourg and the CJEU in Luxembourg.