The first EuroMed Conference on Digital Evidence represents a key phase within the process taking place at international, regional, and national level on the access to electronic evidence relevant to criminal investigations and an important contribution to the improvement of judicial and law enforcement cooperation between the EU Member States and the South Partner Countries (SPCs).

It was the first time ever that representatives from EuroMed Justice, EuroMed Police and Service Providers (SP) gathered to discuss the access to digital evidence. It therefore paved the way for enhanced cross-regional and inter-agency coordination. In addition, the draft EuroMed Manual on Digital Evidence was discussed and appreciated as an important tool for successful cross-border investigations and prosecutions.

The Conference is the result of joint efforts of EuroMed Justice and EuroMed Police with the support of UNCTED, UNODC, and IAP. Eurojust, EJN, Eurojust-Cybercrime Team, the European Judicial Cybercrime Network, Europol, CT MENA and CyberSouth-Council of Europe together with the Latin-American COMJIB/IBERRED were closely involved and actively participated in the Conference. The Portuguese judicial and criminal police authorities gave full support to the Conference.

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