Component 1: Regional cooperation in criminal matters and private law

Activity 1

Designation of the EuroMed Justice Expert Group in Criminal Matters (CrimEx).

1.1 & 1.2.

Activity 2

Elaboration of the CrimEx docs on EuroMed judicial and law enforcement cooperation in criminal matters:

  • 2A. SPCs gaps and legal analysis, EuroMed fiches;
  • 2B. Handbook.


Activity 3

Debating National Platforms: exploring the potential to coordinate national responses to transnational crime.


Activity 4

Formal and informal regional cooperation:

  • 4A Roadmap towards a EuroMed judicial platform;
  • 4B. Roadmap towards EuroMed Forum of Prosecutors General;
  • 4C. Ways to enhance informal cooperation.

1.1 & 1.2

Activity 5

Strengthening the capacities to improve cooperation platforms of justice professionals from SPCs:

  • 5A. Training needs analysis;
  • 5B. Training of Trainers.


Activity 6

Complex criminal cases (cybercrime, terrorism, money laundering, smuggling of migrants, and trafficking in human beings): Training on the implementation of international   and   European   instruments   of   judicial   cooperation.   Focus  on

investigation and prosecution.


Activity 7

Complex criminal cases (cybercrime, terrorism, money laundering, smuggling of migrants, and trafficking in human beings): Study visits and Seminars. Good practices and experiences in the investigation and prosecution.


Activity 8

Complex criminal cases: a special focus on digital evidence:

  • 8A. Challenges and best experiences;
  • 8B. Practical Guide (Euro-Mediterranean aspects);
  • 8C. Identify needs for creation of EuroMed digital reference tool;
  • 8D. Mechanisms to support creation of internet portal and databases of national SPCs and international legislation;
  • 8E. Regional Workshop for the EuroMed justice cybercrime contact points.


Activity 9

CrimEx wrap up: building blocks for mutual trust, confidence and cooperation. Exploring the possibility of extending the scope of the 2015 additional protocol to the Council of Europe Convention on the prevention of terrorism to the  EuroMed



Activity 10

Application by religious and civil judges of international norms concerning the best interests of the child: 2 working group meetings, study and training.


Component 2:  Independence of justice and access to justice

Activity 11

Capacity building of the HJCs and best practices. 2 Study visits and 2 Seminars.


Activity 12

Good practices and models in implementing legal aid. Update study and 2 seminars.


Component 3: Technical Assistance Facility Instrument

Activity 13

Technical Assistance Facility Instrument.


  • Result 1.1: At national level, SPC’s judicial and law enforcement response to transnational crime intensifies
  • Result 1.2: At regional and Euro-Mediterranean level, capacities of the cooperation platforms to counter cross-border crime are activated and developed
  • Result 1.3: Improve the protection of the best interests of the child in cross-border family disputes. Contacts between religious and secular judges are established.
  • Result 2.1: HJCs capacities improved and high standards reinforced.
  • Result 2.2: Best practices for legal aid frameworks are identified and adapted to the region.